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Dr. Hafiz Kamran Riaz Tafseer at Tarawih 2014

To view the tasfeers given by Hafiz Kamran Riaz during Taraweh 2014, click on the link below:

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Masjid Announcements

Based on the Chicago Hilal Committee, Ramadan will start on Sunday June 29, 2014. The First Tarawih Prayer at DIC will be tomorrow, Saturday June 28, 2014 at 10pm InshAllah! See you tomorrow!


1.) Inshallah, during the month of Ramadan Iftar and Dinner will be provided by DIC. The cost of sponsoring Iftar and dinner is $ 900. During Ramadan about 120 to 130 people break their fast and pray at DIC.

 2.) Inshallah, Tarawih prayer will be lead by Br. Kamran Riyaz and Br. Nabeel Hamoui

  • Isha and Taraweeh prayers will begin on Saturday June 28. From June 28 -l July 12. Isha prayer will be at 10:00PM. From July 13 till the end of Ramadan, Isha prayer will be at 9:45PM.
  • DIC will have arrangement for I’tikaf in last 10 days of Ramadan.
  • Parking after 4PM to 6AM at 17 E. Adam is $12.00 with DIC discount card. See DIC management. (Full month pass is cheaper.)

3.) Toastmasters Club will be held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month.  Everyone welcome.

4.) If anyone wants to learn Quran. Please give your name and contact in the office on 4th floor.

5.) DIC is offering Quranic  classes by Dr Omar Muzaffar on Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30 P.M to 7:30 P.M. Please check with the office on 4th floor for the details. (Note: Classes are on hold during Ramadan ) 

6.) Today we have fund raising for CIOGC. Please donate generously.

7.) Muslim Women's Youth Mentorship Program. Recruiting members for details please see the notice board on 4th floor.




 It has come to our notice that some of our patrons' credit card information is not valid anymore. Please update your credit card information with the office on 4th floor.

 IMPORTANT NOTEPlease do not stand outside the Mosque after Friday prayers.

Please follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.  Don't forget to donate to the Masjid. May Allah (SWT) bless you and your families for your donations. 


Iqamah Timings

Dhuhr 1:10 pm
Asr 6:10 pm
Maghrib  sunset


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